Establishing Credit through Credit Repair for Home

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How to Establish your Credit?

Clients always ask me how to build credit and my first recommendation is often to build credit through the resources that they already have. It could be through a credit union secured credit card, “piggybacking” on a relative’s good credit OR being a self-lender.

You can build your credit off of small loan through an FDIC insured CD. This can be obtained through your bank or credit union. You pay into the CD and it remains there as a high yield savings account. The issue is most of the time if you have bad credit most banks will not establish this relationship with you

However, I have a solution, Click here. 

This CD program is the same as the FDIC insured, however, there is no credit requirement Our goal is homeownership; all of our services are geared in preparing you for that experience.

Some services include:

  1. Collection deletion
  2. Inquiry Removal
  3. Updating of late payments
  4. Judgment Removal
  5. Landlord Disputes
  6. Rent Reporting
  7. Credit Building
  8. Budgeting
  9. Savings Plans
  10. Financial Planning

We run your credit report through a mortgage simulator and if needed we will rapidly re score your credit report to make your report achieve its goal faster. Our goal is not to have you in our credit repair system long term. You will remain a client forever; however, the credit leg of the journey will not last a long time.

The added bonus is that you will have a credit protection plan that is valued at up to $50,000 in case your identity is stolen! Every client that I have recommended this has seen a minimum of 20 points added to their score. Sign up and let me know how you like it.

Top 5 ways to improve credit? Learn more by clicking here

If you need help in any of this kindly email us at [email protected] if you need some serious credit help and are interested in purchasing a home set up a consultation.

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